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How to Reach Us?

Do not hesitate in contacting our office for any question related to your application or the SERP+ master in general.

Our team


Prof. Sandrine Lacombe

SERP central office: master.serp@universite-paris-saclay.fr 

Local coordinators:

France: Prof. Sandrine Lacombe

Italy: Prof. Mario Rocca

Poland: Prof. Tomask Pedzinski

Portugal: Prof. Eduardo Jorge Figueira Marques

How to Reach Us?

Head Office

Université Paris-Saclay
Building Henri Moissan
Avenue des Sciences
91 405 ORSAY cedex - FRANCE


Polish Office

Adam Mickiewicz University
Faculty of Chemistry
Ul. Umultowska 89b
61-614 Poznan, POLAND

Phone:+48 61 829 1585

Italian Office

University of Genoa
Dipartimento di Fisica
Via Dodecaneso 33,
16146 Genoa, ITALY

Phone:+39 10 35 36 392
Email Address: rocca@fisica.unige.it

Portuguese Office

University of Porto
Departamento de Quimica e Bioquimica
Rua Campo Alegre 687
4169 - 007 Porto - PORTUGAL
Phone:+351 220 402 538

Email Address: efmarque@fc.up.pt