Applications for the class of 2021-2023 are now open.

The deadline for the scholarships is already passed. Results will be sent by mid-March.

Deadline for self-financed admissions: June 15th, 2021.

Master SERP+ Programme - cohort 2020-2025

Programme for cohort 2017-2021

First year - Semester 1

First year - Semester 2

First year

  • Summer School

  • Economy Management, Project Management, Communication, Technology Valorisation, Risk Capital & Funding, Patent Law, New Technologies for Information and Communication, Personnal Professional Project

Second year - Semester 3

Second year - Semester 4

  • Master thesis

  • Master thesis conditions

    Compulsory six-month internship.
    The internship can be performed in an academic laboratory of one of the SERP+ partner universities (Paris-Saclay, Poznan, Porto, Genoa). For European students, experiments should be performed out of their home country.
    Students will also be encouraged to perform their internship in an industrial laboratory (can one of the associated partner, but not necessary). For European students, the company can be in their home country.

    The bylaw of the Master in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Genoa does not allow the students who pass through Italy during semester 2 and/or 3 to perform their internship in semester 4 on a purely theoretical study (e.g. calculations with no comparison with experimental data …). By choosing Italy for the second and/or the third semester, students agree to perform an experimental work during their 6-month internship in semester 4, which can include analysis of experimental data taken by others.