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Master SERP+ Programme

Applied photochemistry and luminescence spectroscopy


  • Fluorescence and instrumentation for fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Fluorophores: intrinsic and extrinsic fluorophores; protein labeling reagents, DNA probes, chemical sensing probes, special probes, fluorescent proteins, long-lifetime probes
  • Applications based on: fluorescence quenching, fluorescence anisotropy, time-dependent anisotropy decays and energy transfer, nanocolloids
  • Fluorescence sensing in biology and medicine
  • DNA technology: nucleotide labeling methods, DNA sequencing and DNA hybridization probes
  • Singlet oxygen generation methods, detection of singlet oxygen emission, applications in medicine (PDT)
  • Fluorescence and confocal microscopy – principles, instrumentation, single molecule and fluorescence lifetime imaging
  • Introduction to single molecule spectroscopy
  • Labs include steady-state and time resolved experiments, TCSPC technique, NIR spectroscopy for singlet oxygen detection, confocal microscopy in single molecule imaging


The goal of this course is to familiarize the students with modern experimental techniques used in widely understood fluorescence sensing in chemistry, chemical engineering, biology and medicine. The topics covered include: high-sensitivity fluorescence detection, labelling of DNA, selected aspects of nanotechnology, singlet oxygen detection as well as principles of fluorescence and confocal microscopy.

Recommended Books

  • J. R. Lakowicz: Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Springer US, 2007
  • W. Schmidt, Optical Spectroscopy in Chemistry and Life Sciences, Wiley, Weinheim 2005
  • H. Zewail (ed): The Chemical Bond, Structure and Dynamics, Academic Press, Boston, 1992 L. R. Khundkar

Teaching Staff

Prof. Bronislaw Marciniak
Prof. Bohdan Skalski
Dr. Tomasz Pedzinski


Lectures: 20h
Practicals: 40h