Results of the applications for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship have been sent on April 8th, 2019. Please check your spambox if you have not received it. 

Self-financed students can still apply until June 30th, 2019.

Master SERP+ Programme

Transferable skills: Patent Law, Scientific writing, Career objectives, Portuguese courses


National language course: The objectives are to cover basic knowledge for oral expression and to come in contact with national civilization and heritage. The course will be given at two levels depending on the previous career of the student.


National language course: Developing the four language skills in order to be able to communicate with local people in the national language: oral and written understanding and expressions, practical aspects of language. Glimpse at cultural heritage and civilization of the hosting Nation. 

The aim of this course is that the students develop and train transversal skills on: patent law and mining, and transfer of technology activities; scientific writing and communication; appropriate strategies for the pursuit of career objectives in the academic, industrial and entrepreneurial world.

Recommended Books

  • “Intellectual Property Management: A Guide for Scientists, Engineers, Financiers, and Managers”, C. Junghans, A. Levy, R.Sander, T. Boeckh, J. Heerma, C. Regierer, Wiley, 2006.
  • “Science Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English”, Hilary Glasman-Deal, Imperial College Press, 2010.

Teaching Staff

Eduardo Marques (Course Coordinator)
Maria das Dores Ribeiro da Silva


Lectures: 21 h

Grading System

Presentations/essays: 100%