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Master SERP+ Programme

Polymers for electronics and energy harvesting


Extended p-electron systems both in molecules and polymers. Conjugation length: ionization potential, electron affinity and HOMO-LUMO gap in the series ranging from ethylene to polyene. Electronic states for the polyene: introduction to the Hückel method for the isolated chain and for interacting macromolecules. Dimerization and Peierls distorsion: metal and semiconducting polymers. Conducting conjugated polymers: doping and applications. Charge transport in semiconducting and conducting polymers. Spectroscopy of conjugated systems: electronic transitions, Franck-Condon principle and vibronic transitions, fluorescence and lifetime, singlet and triplet excitons, Jablonski diagram and photophysics.

Synthesis of main conjugated polymer families (polyacetylene, polythiophene, poly(p-phenylenevinylene)). Functionalization of chemical and physical properties of conjugated materials (solubility, ionization potential, electron affinity). Supramolecolar structure of conjugated polymers and role of aggregation in the solid state. Orientation techniques of conjugated polymers, optical and electronic properties anisotropy.

Working principles of devices made of conjugated molecules and polymers: sensors, devices for non-linear optics, OLED, PLED, OFET, photovoltaic cells and light harvesting based devices, wearable electronics. Role of the supramolecular structure on the main electronic properties of materials and of devices.


Basic knowledge of chemical and physical properties of conjugated polymers and organic semiconductors. Use of such materials in organic optoelectronics and photonic devices (sensors, transistor, led and photovoltaic cells)

Recommended Books

•   M. Pope and C. Swemberg “Electronic processes in organic crystals and polymers”, Oxford Sci Publ. New York 1999.

•   M. Klessinger and J. Michl “Excited states and photochemistry of organic molecules”, VCH, New York 1995

Notes of the teacher.

Teaching Staff

Prof. Davide Comoretto


Lectures: 48 h


Grading System

Exam: 100%, discussion of power-point presentation on an item related to the course selected by the student.