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Master SERP+ Programme

Corrosion and electrochemistry


Basic electrochemical concepts. Electrochemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics. Electrochemical reactor design.  Energy Storage and Conversion.

Industrial primary and secondary batteries (Daniell cell, Li-ions, Lead acid battery). Typical Fuel cells (PAFC, AFC, PEMFC, MCFC, SOFC). Industrial Applications of electrolysis (chloro alkaly process, metal refinery, aluminum production)

Basic corrosion concepts. Types of corrosion. Corrosion environments. Corrosion protection. Corrosion testing and monitoring.


Provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of Electrochemistry for Energy production and Storage and for the study of corrosion phenomena as well as the techniques of corrosion protection and corrosion control.

Recommended Books

Industrial Electrochemistry, Pletcher, D., Walsh, F.C.. Springer 1993. ISBN 978-94-011-2154-5

Basic Corrosion technology for scientist and engineers. Ellis Horwood Limited 1989.

Teaching Staff

Prof. Giacomo Cerisola (Course Coordinator)

Prof. Maria Paola Carpanese


Lectures: 40 h
Labs : 6 h

Grading System

Exam: 100%