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Master SERP+ Programme

Soft matter


  • The main types of colloids. Characteristic phenomena in colloid systems. Colloid stability, Kelvin equation, DLVO theory. Coagulation kinetics.
  • Hydrophobic interaction, micelle formation, surfactant packing parameter and LHB, morphology of surfactant/water/oil systems
  • Interfaces: wetting, contact angles, surface and interfacial tension, Laplace equation, Young equation, Eötvös number, mesoscale – line tension and Tolman length, superhydrophobicity, Wenzel’s and Cassie laws, Concus-Finn rules, canthotaxis condition, films, foam morphology, Plateau laws, state equation of foams, Ostwald ripening and von Neumann equation, surface pressure.
  • Models of macromolecules, conformation of an isolated polymer coil, conformational entropy, excluded volume effect, Flory-Huggins theory, theta solution, blob theory, reptation theory, SAW chain, static and dynamic Monte Carlo simulation of macromolecules behaviour.
  • Static and dynamic light scattering. Diffusion. Viscosity. Rheology.


The course aims to provide the physical chemistry background necessary for explanation of phenomena and processes taking place in the nanoscale – 1) in colloids, micellar systems, polymer solutions and 2) at interfaces, and the achievement of skills of the computer modelling and experimental studies of processes in nanoscales and at interfaces. The course presents selected ideas, laws, models and theories necessary to understand the basic problems of nanotechnology.


Recommended Books

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Teaching Staff

Prof. Waldemar Nowicki


Lectures: 15h
Practical: 30h