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Master SERP+ Programme

Industrial Applications and Introduction to Patent Law


Chemical engineering: principles and methods of scale up of chemical synthesis from the lab to the industry. • Mass and energy balances in batch and continuous processes. • Application to reaction and separation processes. Management - Introduction to Law concepts in France and in Europe.


Application of main principles for the scale-up of a production or separation process

Recommended Books

“Coulson & Richardson’s CHEMICAL ENGINEERING”, J. F. Richardson et al., Butterworth-Heinemann Ed., Volume 3 and 6
“Chemical Reaction Engineering”, 3rd ed, O. Levenspiel, J. Wiley & Sons
“Chemical Reactor analysis and design”, 2nd ed, G.F. Froment, K.B. Bischoff, J. Wiley & Sons.
“Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering”, 3rd ed, H.S. Fogler, Prentice Hall
“Separation Process Principles”, J.D. Seader, E.J. Henley, J. Wiley & Sons,
“Conceptual Design of Chemical processes”, J.M. Douglas, McGraw-Hill , 1988
“Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry”, 5th ed, VCH
“Encyclopedia of Chemical technology”, Kirk-Othmer “Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook”, Mac Graw-Hill

Teaching Staff

Valérie Génot (Course Coordinator)
Nathalie Ruffin [learn more...]


Lecture: 24 h
Tutorial: 6 h
Practical courses: Visit of company sites

Grading System

Final exam: 75 %
Visit report: 12.5 %
Oral presentaion: 12.5 %