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Master SERP+ Programme

Composite material for biomedical applications


Definition of Composite Material: matrix and reinforcement. Intro to valuation of mechanical and functional properties as dependent upon orientation and composite lay up. Carbon fiber-polymer matrix composites: Pan and Pitch fibers: intro to construction and properties.  Prepreg design and manufacturing: Symmetric and balanced lay up. Fiber-matrix adhesion problems: micro and nano evaluation. Woven and non woven 2D and 3D composites. Composite Materials for internal prosthesis: introduction to scaffolds. Scaffolds materials and functions: intro to projecting and manufacturing. Ceramic-Polymer composites. Scaffold creation: 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies. Scaffold surface functionalization: physisorption and chemisorption for drug delivery tasks and resorbing temporary applications


The course wants to provide to the students the basic knowledge to manage a project within composite materials, specially applied to bio-issues. The main task concerning composite mechanical and functional behavior will be introduced with particular attention to the new technologies aimed at supporting regenerative medicine tasks.

Teaching Staff

Fabrizio Barberis, (Course Coordinator) DICCA-UNIGE


Lectures: 48 h

Grading System

Exam: 100%