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Master SERP+ Programme

All courses during this semester

 Corrosion and electrochemistry (6 ECTS)

 Diffraction techniques and surface spectroscopies (6 ECTS)

 Polymers for electronics and energy harvesting (6 ECTS)

 Surface science and nanostructuring at surfaces (6 ECTS)

 Transferable skills: Patent Law, Scientific writing, Career objectives, Italian courses (6 ECTS)

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Corrosion and Electrochemistry


Electrochemistry: electrochemical potential and Nerst equation. Galvanic and concentration cells: use in laboratory. Industrial primary and secondary batteries: Leclanchè, Mallory, Zn-air, Li, Lead acid, Nichel-Cadmium, Ni-metal hydride. Fuel cells: PAFC, AFC, PEMFC, DMFC, MCFC, SOFC. Electrolysis and electroplating. Corrosion: corrosion and its importance to the community. Basic electrochemical concepts. Types of corrosion. Corrosion environments. The corrosion characteristics of the most common metals in use. Corrosion protection. Corrosion prevention by “designs”. Corrosion testing and monitoring


Basic and advanced knowledge of the principles of electrochemical processes and their applications in industry. Basic and advanced knowledge to have a survey of the corrosion of metals and possible countermeasures.

Teaching Staff

Fabio Canepa,
Giacomo Cerisola


Lecture & tutorial: 40 h

Grading System

Final exam: 100 %