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Master SERP+ Programme

Societal aspects of radiations : ethic, risks


Examination of accidents and impact on the population.
Legislation concerning the use of ionising radiation
Ethic and Risks


To understand how expertise regarding the control of radioactivity risks has been produced and challenged, by what kind of arguments, defended by which kind of actors and to what purposes.
    To acquire a clear understanding of:

  • various events, processes and ideas behind the exploitation of nuclear power plants;
  • of the various risks and social consequences they imply;
  • and of the way scientific expertise is mobilized to deal with those negative consequences and with what effects.

    To acquire a reflexive view on your own practice as scientists embedded in your culture and society.

Teaching Staff

Delphine Berdah


Lecture & tutorial: 23 h

Grading System

50% Coursework:

  • 1/3 : Discussion of expert reports related to the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident (individual work and collective discussion).
  • 2/3: oral presentation of papers by groups of two students (1/3 content of the powerpoint document and 1/3: oral presentation)

50% Written exam:

  • A document analysis.
  • Two written questions.