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Master SERP+ Programme

Experimental methods : UV, IR, X Spectroscopies, NMR, RPE, Mass


This course is an introduction to the main standard analytical techniques in physical chemistry: mass spectrometry and applications (some knowledge in the different ionization types, fragmentation methods, and analyzers), electronic, infrared and UV-visible spectroscopic techniques, photoelectron spectroscopy (synchrotron beam lines will be described).


Get some general knowledge on the different spectroscopic methods (contributions and spectral domain application) Describe the basic photochemical processes. Be able to analyze a chemical compound by mass spectrometry.

Recommended Books

Physical Chemistry, P. Atkins & J. de Paula
Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds, 7th Edition, R.M. Silverstein, F.X. Webster, D. Kiemle
Mass spectrometry, a textbook, J.H. Gross
Molecular Fluorescence: Principles and Applications, B. Valeur
Photochemistry, R. Lakowicz

Teaching Staff

Anne Lafosse (Course Coordinator)
Debora Scuderi
Rachel Méallet-Renault


Lecture: 27 h
Tutorial: 7 h
Practical courses: 14 h

Grading System

Partial exams: 40 %
Final exam: 20 %
Tutorial: 20 %