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Master SERP+ Programme

Fast processes induced by radiations in condensed matter


1.    Fundamentals of the interaction light-matter; photochromism

  • Absorption and emission processes
  • Mono- and bimolecular radiationless deactivation (energy and electron transfer)
  • Photochromic systems : classes of compounds, reaction kinetics, extension to the solid state
  • Applications to optical data storage and light-driven molecular motions

2.    Ultra-fast processes : sources and time-resolved techniques

  • Introduction, excited states and ultrafast deactivation mechanisms
  • Nano-, pico- and femtosecond laser sources
  • Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Transient absorption spectroscopy
  • Solvent effects
  • Anisotropy effects

3.    Interaction of ionizing radiation and condensed systems

  • Interaction of high-energy photons and matter
  • Interaction of accelerated particles and matter
  • Solvents radiolysis, radiolysis of water and radiolytic yields of radicals
  • Dynamic and reactivity of the solvated electron and radical OH°
  • Applications of radiolytic methods (in nuclear energy, radiotherapy, radical chemistry, polymer synthesis, depollution)

4.    Instrumental setups and laboratory training (16h30)

  • Technique of Time Correlated Single photon counting
  • Picosecond electron accelerator
  • Femtosecond laser
  • Pump-probe setup for transient absorption studies
  • Kinetic measurements based on the use of a streak camera or fast photodiode
  • Laboratory Training (with written report):
  • Steady-state radiolysis involving a γ radiation source
  • Femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy


Interaction of radiation with condensed matter. Photons, charges particles. Photophysics.Radiolysis
Femtosecond chemistry, single photon counting fluorescence

Teaching Staff

Thomas Gustavsson
Pascal Changenet-Barret
Mehran Mostafavi
Rémi Métivier
Isabelle Lampre


Lecture & tutorial: 26 h
Lab training: 20 h

Grading System

Final exam: 70 %
Lab: 30 %