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Master SERP+ Programme



Nature and thermodynamics of interfaces. Liquid-gas and liquid-liquid interfaces: surface and interfacial tension; adsorption phenomena; surface films on liquid interfaces. Solid-gas interfaces: adsorption of gases and vapors in solids. Solid-liquid interfaces: contact angle and wetting; flotation; detergency; adsorption from solution; crystal nucleation and growth. Charged interfaces: double-layer models; zeta potential and electrokinetic effects. Lab works and presentations.


To provide advanced knowledge on the physico-chemical principles and models governing the behavior of interfaces of various kinds. Discussion of important practical applications of interfaces and surfaces.

Recommended Books

Physical Chemistry of Surfaces, A.W. Adamson, A.P. Gast, 6th ed., New York, John Wiley & Sons, 1997. Physics and Chemistry of Interfaces, H.-J. Butt, K. Graf, M. Kappl, Weinheim, VCH-Wiley, 2003. Principles of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, P.C. Hiemenz, R. Rajagopalan, 3rd ed., New York, Marcel Dekker, 1997.

Teaching Staff

Agostinha Matos (Course Coordinator) Eduardo Marques Maria João Sottomayor


Lectures: 20 h Lab works/Tutorials: 30 h

Grading System

Exam: 50% Lab reports + presentations: 50%