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Master SERP+ Programme

Luminescence of lanthanid systems. Applications in chemistry and biology


  • Introduction: the elements - from their discovery to modern uses
  • Physicochemical properties, electronic structure and spectroscopy of the lanthanides
  • Co-ordination and structural properties of Ln(III) complexes
  • Luminescence of the lanthanides and luminescent probes
  • Structural and spectroscopic probes - application in chemistry and biology
  • Chemiluminescence of systems containing lanthanide ions as analytical tool
  • Nanoluminophors based of systems doped with Ln(III), their hybrids, functionalization and biocompatibility
  • Modern applications of lanthanide containing luminescent and multifunctional materials in science and technology
  • Synthesis of nanophosphors doped with Eu3+ by co-precipitation and Pechini’s sol-gel method.
  • Structural, morphological and spectroscopic analysis of obtained products.
  • Up-conversion phenomenon in nanomaterials doped with lanthanide ions. Synthesis and  spectroscopic investigations.

Teaching Staff

Prof. Stefan Lis
Dr. Tomasz Grzyb


Lectures: 15h
Practical: 30h